Carnegie Foundation

Carnegie Foundation


The Carnegie Foundation addresses the challenges of systemic inequity in our education system. With site visitors including educational leaders, agencies, policymakers, administrators, curriculum creators, students, and families, the foundation sought to create a new visual language that resonates with all audiences while leveraging an existing visual identity and legacy WordPress code base—a tall order.


Stakeholder Interviews
Landscape Audit
Website Design & Development

The Solution

A methodical approach.

We began by identifying the important visitor needs, goals, and workflows. The project budget determined what percentage of the existing website we could affect. We focused on primary and secondary pages and used global CSS styling to bring the balance of pages into visual alignment. The client selected our boldest design direction, one that was inspired by social movement posters.

The Visual Language


The Carnegie Foundation’s mission is to catalyze transformational change in education so that every student has the opportunity to live a healthy, dignified, and fulfilling life.