In 2001, SFMOMA launched the first ever major art exhibition and far-reaching digital technology initiative online. 010101 Art in Technological Times charted new developments in contemporary art, architecture, and design as they evolved with, and were influenced by, a world altered by the increasing presence of digital media and technology. Digital design office Perimetre joined forces with Barretto to collaborate on the initiatives.


Visual Identity
Wayfinding & Signage
Museum Store Swag
Digital Experience Online

The Solution

Artists, architects, and designers now freely adopt advanced technologies for use in the studio, deploy them in the gallery, inhabit them on the internet, and make work reflecting and commenting on their presence in society.

As part of the collaboration with technology company Intel, the online component of the exhibition was accessible at www.sfmoma.org/010101 and at www.artmuseum.net. The experience is no longer available due to rapidly changing technologies—how ironic.

010101: Art in Technological Times