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“Barretto-Co. is a partner through and through…”

“Barretto-Co. is a partner through and through. They are proactive, they take the time to understand our business, and care immensely about our success—which means they deliver thoughtful and impactful results. Their team has brought forth creative and strategic ideas that have really helped us develop a brand that we are proud of. And we can, and do, rely on them for anything we need—whether last minute or crazy, Barretto-Co. has been there to help us think through and make our deadlines.”

Michelle Stevens, Associate Director, Marketing | Avail Medsystems

When Avail Medsystems (avail.io) shortlisted the top agencies they wanted to interview for their 2021 rebranding efforts, Barretto-Co. was in the top three. Doing our own due diligence post-launch to understand our client’s approach to decision-making, we inquired “What ultimately made you select us?” The answer was both refreshing and validating—our values.

We know that there are a plethora of creative teams in the Bay Area that Avail could have chosen to work with and would have produced excellent work—in this design marketplace, these are the table stakes.

For over 25 years we’ve approached our work with a passion to leave a positive lasting mark on the world—better business via better education, enhanced public health, efficient transit, improved neighborhoods, sustainable energy, creating access, building equity, bridging cultural divides, and boosting civic and community pride.

Collectively, we desire to have our work be results-driven, beautiful and meaningful.

We team up with futurists, change agents, and eternal optimists to solve communications challenges and to make brand experiences unforgettable.

Let’s do good together.


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