Reflecting on Year 2020

As we continue to move forward

Looking back on 2020 as we near the year-end, it’s hard not to feel a flood of mixed emotions. This year has been fraught: fraught with challenges. With pain. With disappointment. With division. But through the tumult and the struggle, there’s also been reason to hope and to look forward with incredible optimism. People from all walks of life have come together in this trying year to lend strength and support to each other, to boost up the underdog, and to protect and defend the rights of others in ways that should inspire us for years to come… and in ways that need to continue. 

At Barretto-Co., we’re feeling those mixed emotions like everyone else. We sometimes look back on this year with sadness and frustrations… but to a greater extent, with a renewed sense of faith in the power of people to make serious, long-lasting change for good. We feel inspired and invigorated; we’ve learned so much this past year about the direction we want to move as a company and how we want to support our clients whose visions and actions we so admire. And it feels incumbent upon us to honor those clients, and thank them—from the bottom of our hearts—for the ways in which they are changing the world for the better.

Did you know…

Baretto-Co has, over the years, cultivated some beautiful relationships with nonprofit organizations that do a wide range of important work. We’re proud to do our part and use our talents as storytellers to help them make change in unique and much-needed ways. Some of the amazing things our nonprofit partners are doing to level the playing field and give everyone an equal shot include: 

  • working to end the practice of redlining
  • expanding educational opportunities for girls in low-income neighborhoods to pursue careers in STEM fields
  • access to free healthcare for women
  • creating infrastructure to connect health services for the under-served
  • and on a lighter note, supporting the guild of independent Bay-Area craft brewers, artisans struggling to keep their small businesses thriving

…and so much more. 

To those purpose-driven, change-making organizations that are shaping lives (even amidst the chaos of this year), we say thank you. But we would like to extend equal thanks to every single one of our clients, because when you work with Barretto-Co. and entrust us with the task of telling your brand stories, you indirectly participate in our efforts to support the underdogs. 

Here’s how: 

Every client allows us to support our nonprofit partners as they change the world. It’s a pay-it-forward approach that has let us do our part by telling the stories of some truly amazing organizations.    

Each of us has a part to play, a skill to share, and a hand to extend. At Barretto-Co., our ability to tell brand stories that establish connections and build loyalties is what we can give to the change-making nonprofits in our community. We’re proud to have played our part, and it is our mission to continue and to extend our reach to more and more impactful organizations in the years ahead. But without the support of each and every one of our client partners, it simply couldn’t be done.

Let’s continue to move forward by leaning on each other and supporting one another. Let’s build up the underdog and give a voice to the voiceless. Partnerships have made it possible—imagine the wonderful change we can make moving forward, together.

Let’s do good together.


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