Honoring the Packard Family Legacy

For me personally, this was the visual identity project of a lifetime. I have always maintained that identity design is the most difficult (and most rewarding) challenge for a designer.  Why? Because the personality, or identity, of an organization is multifaceted and complex. A designer must be curious, rigorous, and wide-eyed, absorbing everything like a … Read more

Why a blog?

To get to know who we are as people through our thoughts and musings. Also to share with you our latest news. Because sharing is caring. News Articles

Barretto Announces B-Corp Certification

B Corporations™, are companies throughout the world that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Barretto is now part of a global community of businesses working collectively for economic systems change, and in order to stay committed to this work, we are required to meet rising standards for social and environmental … Read more

What makes our services different?

Barretto is a certified B Corp, meeting rigorous criteria established by B Lab, a non-profit company that measures a company’s social and environmental performance against comprehensive standards of impact on our stakeholders, including our workers, suppliers, our community, and our environment. Strategy We view each and every design initiative as a component of a larger … Read more


Who we work with matters. We go beyond the surface of making you look good—that’s a given. Our goal is to cultivate authenticity and craft experiences that transform your customers into lifelong evangelists. We strive to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, be good stewards of the environment, and positively contribute to our local communities. … Read more

Avail Raises $100M > Barretto Boosts Brand

“Barretto-Co. is a partner through and through…” “Barretto-Co. is a partner through and through. They are proactive, they take the time to understand our business, and care immensely about our success—which means they deliver thoughtful and impactful results. Their team has brought forth creative and strategic ideas that have really helped us develop a brand … Read more

Reflecting on Year 2020

As we continue to move forward Looking back on 2020 as we near the year-end, it’s hard not to feel a flood of mixed emotions. This year has been fraught: fraught with challenges. With pain. With disappointment. With division. But through the tumult and the struggle, there’s also been reason to hope and to look … Read more